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Welcome To Our Artist Development FREE MP3 Creator Tool is not to be used by the general public to illegally download copyrighted  music from YouTube that is copyrighted or that which you do not legally own a license to download. The intended purpose of this FREE Music, Audio Track Converter Page is to allow a developing recording artist a fully legal avenue to download your own personal content that you personally hold a valid creative license for in the audio distribution of your own Audio-Video Productions you personally have uploaded to Your Own Account Or User Video Channel. As a responsible computer user and a Professional Developing Artist, You and only you are responsible for the data which is download from/sent through this YouTube Audio File to MP3 Downloader. Any responsibility of legal or illegal exchanges of recordings and protected content lies with you as this responsible end user and Artist. 

This 3rd party tool utilizes a proprietary real-time transcoder which pipes content directly from YouTube to the end user and is not stored, distributed or backed up on our servers in any way. Any video removal requests for copyright  reasons should be directed to YouTube since they are ultimately in control of their own content.


YouTube To Mp3 Music Converter

Have you uploaded a Video To YouTube and you would like to grab an MP3 audio copy to take with you on the go ? You can now download your YouTube Video's Audio tracks and quickly turn them into a handy portable MP3 Audio file to take with you if you are out promoting your own music or setting up personal auditions of your own Video's Audio Track out in the marketplace in the promotion of your own music that you have created.

If you are an Artist On-The-Go who needs to download your own Video, Audio Track for Developmental and Promotional Purposes, This FREE YouTube To MP3 Converter is designed just for you.

If you are a fan and Not Affiliated or connected with or You Do Not have a clear legal right to utilize this FREE Mp3 Converter and you really like the music of an Artist, Please Go Buy It Now Online through many legal download sources where you may purchase music at very low cost. Professional Recording Artist work very hard to produce these CD Audio MP3 Tracks & YouTube Videos for you and we strongly encourage you to spend a little money with the Artist you enjoy to help fund the Artist and to insure the future development of quality fresh new music and videos from your favorite Performing Artist in the future.

Convert Your Own Videos to MP3 Audio Tunes To Go. This FREE YouTube To MP3 Converter is Completely Platform independent as this is fully web based and works great with Windows PC, Linux Apple Mac & Even iPhone, iPod Or iPad OS.

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