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.TK domains have now truly evolved into a World Class Full Featured Standard Domain Registry with basically all the features and full DNS control you enjoy with other expensive top level domain registrars.  

Here Within This Section Of Our Site, We Are Here To Show You Some Of The Many Reasons You Should Consider Your Own .TK Name For Your Next Artistic, Business Or Online Creative Project!

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Why .TK ?

No One Could Possibly Say It Better Than Our Clients, We Come Together To Share With The World!

Many have been asking us why with all the Great Top Level Domain Names Out There, Why On Earth Would We Want To Choose A .TK for our own website and why not a .com or one of those other "popular" domain names like everyone else ?

We have many answers on this question and we will explain some here. First of all, we just don't do anything here within Planet AV Studios just because everyone else does. We tend to do what works best for us rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing, thinking or saying as we have plenty of knowledgeable people with plenty of their own opinions who simply don't need to read what everyone else thinks before making a solid decision or getting things done right !

This is one of the many reasons so many choose for their own recording, audio visual and now even artist representation web production needs over tens of thousands of other recording studios out there.  

We feel if you can stick to this framework style for your own ideas, concepts or projects. You will have more of an original work and maybe even a better one rather than worrying about if you are measuring up to "their" opinions regardless of the quality or accuracy these opinions and what they may or may not be founded on.

It's really great when you can get something for FREE that works in the direction of helping great people ! A portion of all earnings from the Dot TK registry goes toward increasing public awareness for the people of Tokelau and helping the people of the Island of Tokelau in providing communication, education and even much needed health care assistance based on royalties from larger corporations paid in domains and even grant funding to help assist the Government of Tokelau in evolving toward true financial independence. 

We have found the ethics of the Dot.TK domain registrars to be most generous and have designed their program with a most kind ethic of investment in people and benevolence toward a better state of living in supplying their domain for your creative project just as we try to be within our own work environment. After extensive experimentation with the .TK top level domain registry and finding that there are no obstacles that will stop you from building a well positioned, high performance web site that offers the full amenities of a .com or other expensive top level domain registrar. We sincerely feel that Dot TK Domains are equal to anything or any other Domain Name on the Planet and we have even found one extra bonus available with Dot.TK that the others simply just don't seem to offer.

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Many top level domain registrars simply want to tell you what you cannot do with their domains or worse yet bloat down their sites with so many extra fees and charges that by the time you check out, you were supposed to buy so many things that you had not planned to and probably did not need.

With Dot.TK Domains you can register your great name which is much more likely to be available in two different methods.

  1. You Can Take Advantage Of A Totally FREE .TK Domain Names with NO Strings or Pressures Attached with up to a 12 Month Registration period with the requirement that you just renew it with the click of your mouse FREE once again before the expiration of your chosen domain name!

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The .TK Domain Program is loaded with many great reasons why you really should consider creating your own .TK Domain right now since it's Fast Easy & FREE! We really wanted to do our part to share with you about just how excited we are about this fantastic new way to register a safe, stable and reliable domain name that will perform well in the Search Engines and now we can all even register one for FREE ! What Could Be Better ?

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