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We now live in crazy times and this section is a little about the purpose of our Website for Planet AV Studios for you to read on and enjoy.

If you are one of our current Clients already utilizing Planet AV Studios, We sincerely thank you for choosing us for your project and all of your support in working with us to effectively grow your project. We know that chances are if you are here and reading this that you probably are not one of our Clients as most of our typical Clients seem to be very busy and needed it done yesterday and for the most part call us because of our unprecedented reputation for turning projects out quickly, within budget and with the just the right touch you count on our AV design team to accomplish in meeting your goals and expectations for quality production work.

    There is just so much happening here at your Planet AV Studios, we just don't really know where to start. Just to share with you before we go too far. Our own website is a work in progress and is only really going to barely scratch the surface of what we do and is intended to help out in answering some of the many questions you might not have been able to get answered in person on your last visit due to our tight scheduling in the facilities and client backlog for the individual studios within our 3 facilities.

We are not here to sell you on the time honored and well established services of the Planet AV Studios group so you can relax now as the purpose of our site is intended more as an outreach or Musician's aid for those perhaps a little less experienced or a little less resourced than the typical professional Audio Or Video Production Client in which we normally serve. We realize that everyone has to start out somewhere and many of these starting out with very little or even nothing will one day grow and flourish into the level of Audio or Video Producer who may be able to one day utilize our services as you work your way into more complex and higher level professional projects where you may need to go outside of the capabilities or features of a home or small production studio. Maybe you just need a little help in the Mixdown, Mastering or Distribution of your own Audio Or Video Content. You might not need us today, but we are betting in time that you will need us one day if you stick with this and we are developing this site to invest in you so that when you do finally decide that you do need us. You will know as your Audio, Video Studio Production Friend in the Business you can call upon when the need presents itself !

While we do typically and most often serve a client with the larger or more demanding needs. We realize that more often than not, true innovation and creativity will often come from the smaller up-start rather than the established giants. We always try to do our part to help develop up-and-coming ideas and we are definitely all about any concept or solution that strives toward increasing the quality of life for real people in real places with real needs rather than simply worrying about a stock quote and higher Return On Investment (R.O.I.) as will be too often the case with far too many we meet who are in a hurry and their deadline was yesterday and they needed it done for 22%-30% less than what is a realistic budget to work with for the project they have frantically dumped at our doors. To those of our Clients who might think this is directed their way, No offense and we really appreciate your business, but let's be realistic in getting things done next time alright!

Here at Planet AV Studios, we built this site as our investment in the rising Musician, Artist, Film Producer, Content Creator or anyone in Theatre, Broadcast or any Performing Arts as our investment in you! Many have been good to us and figured it was about time to give some back to you and this site will be our first step of many in this direction as we develop the site.

There is just so much happening in the music technology scene that that we don't really know where to get started if you are not already up to speed on what is happening today in the World of Music and Video Entertainment.

Unfortunately we maintain such a tight schedule backlog within our studios that we probably won't have too much of a chance to update the site like it should be to truly represent what we do here within our studios and all the exciting action we attempt to balance in bringing to life your audio & video productions.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about Planet Av Studios and our site.

Thanks for Visiting